There is a misconception about promoting an ecommerce store on Facebook. Some business owners think creating a page, adding products and adding a few posts per week will drive hordes of buyers to their store. This could not be further from the truth. As with most things in digital marketing there needs to be a strategic plan to maximise the reach and engagement.

At Pepperpotdigital we work alongside you in identifying the perfect avatar for attracting clients to your business. We not only use Facebook’s analytics; we use a suite of social media tools to gather information on the best times to post and what type of content resonates more with your audience. We create a series of key performance indicators to benchmark and eventually scale activities with aim of increasing sales.

Once we have a solid foothold with organic post and promotions, we move onto paid ads to aggressively target the audience we have identified through organic methods. Each business audience is different, some larger, some smaller. We craft out a message and an accompanying image or video to intrigue the user enough to want to click through onto the product pages.