Our Pepperpotdigital SEO multilingual experts will work with your ecommerce store and convert your product page or website into specific non-English speaking countries. Our SEO experts will analyse each local market and report on the opportunities for your business. Here is a list of tasks we will undertake.

  • Identify current multilingual status in specific region/s
  • Technical multilingual audit
  • On-page analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Best off-page multilingual tactics
  • Grammatical country by country audit
  • Google shopping opportunities

At Pepperpotdigital we understand that every country is different in terms of the online culture of language searches. The search profile of each country differs, which requires us to take a deep dive into eliciting the appropriate terms to optimise your website for.

The implementation of multilingual SEO will over time grow your business through local search and thus adding to your bottom line overall. No longer is it justifiable to attempt to rank your English eCommerce store in Italy of France Google search engine with English title and description. Whilst some searchers do understand English, the majority prefer to click on native title and descriptive text.

Our SEO experts are fluent in Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Italian, Flemish, Dutch, Portuguese and so many more languages. To get a real flavor for what we can achieve with your eCommerce store just complete the form below and arrange a no-obligation call or if you prefer you can contact us here